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20 years old, they/them or he/him pronouns, artist, activist, full time awkward dork. Nazis, truscum and terfs fuck off

here's a drawing of taako i did back in June!!

In a funny twist of fate cause theres not much content on here yet I am more active in my waterfall discords I'm in than actually on waterfall

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on all levels except physical, i am walking up a grass hill with a bouquet of flowers and a picnic basket to court a beautiful lady at the top

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god i wish i had ppl to play d&d with,, im aching for some Hijinxs and Antics

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I know you said you wanted to play in person bb but consider this......... a waterfall ttrpg club

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Low key I'm always looking for more ways to play DnD with people 👀

Can people reblog this so i can find active users

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Repost from Tumblr etc etc

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astrology, mbti, and hogwarts houses are all flawed. rb with your d&d alignment and your mario kart main in the tags and then we will know your true personality

i'm chaotic good and princess peach

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Neutral good and waluigi

plum asked:

From my experiences quitting jobs at small companies, the best route seems to be to take the time to write up a really kickass letter of resignation that really plays up how "sad" /s you are to be leaving them, and then give it to one of your managers in person. It's hard to guilt you about it when you have tangible evidence of your "regret"

Thats what I'm doing, I'm like "oh im so sorry I'm leaving I need to focus on my studies"

I've also written out about 600 words that im not going to send of me telling them all to fuck off cause catharsis.

And the trick is I rarely actually work with management? cause I'm an assistant manager and I only see my bosses like maybe once a week, I was thinking about maybe emailing the administration email and then putting it in the text chat where we do all our communication

Thanks for the advice!

UGH trying to figure out how to quit my shitty job and its like?? its a small company do i do it in the group chat with the owner, second in command and my manager? (shes not even my manager my store doesnt have a manager shes acting manager)

do i email the administration email?? Do i tell someone in person???

this is so stressful and i KNOW theyre going to guilt me a lot for leaving and try and convince me to stay but like this job is so unhealthy for me

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2020 mood

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might just goof around and bury myself in dirt

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might just go absolutely bananas and grow plants on myself

My cats a fucking cyptid he's just chilling 10 feet in the air

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quick n dirty landscape painting

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Has anyone done this yet?

Can I just say I LOVE that this site has already established itself as not only trans friendly, but bans truscum, terfs, nazis, child porn etc?? all things that blue hellsite has failed to do? IDK I've had my main tumblr since 2013 and never wanted to remake it but its nice to have a fresh start in a friendly environment.


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Start with a base color. I like to go with really dark blues or purples. black is also good:

pick the base tone for your bg galaxy. Imma do a purple galaxy for this one.

use the line to outline what shape you want it to be!! It can be splotches, lines, wiggly, space gas is funky.

next, take whatever brush you like best for blending. I use firealpaca and like using the watercolor brush. these are my settings if you want it: and take that, and blend out your edges. I usually expand a bit of the color then use the dark color to blend. Whatever works for you is also good.

Don't worry if it isn't perfect! Gases in zerogravity kinda look like food color dropped into water. It's actually better if its chunky.

Then pick a highlight color! Whereever your highlights are will be where stars and galaxy clusters are most dense in your galaxy. Keep that in mind for later.

rinse and repeat the blend:

and then pick your final highlight, close to white. Blend. You might have to make your blending brush a lil smaller for tiny clusters.

Now for stars! Firealpaca has a particle brush that's good for this. these are my settings:

either on the base layer or a new one, paint your background stars. Don't worry about being perfectly around your galaxy colors.

Then, your foreground stars! Use a smaller brush to get in that density in your bright areas (the brighter the area, the more stars there should be), and then feel free to play with the size as you see fit.

Now you can stop here if you'd like. These next bits are optional, I'm just a nerd.

Now stars, when in photos taken outside the atmosphere, will refract light in 4 equal points, all at the same angle. It's not just a cartoon thing! why don't all the dots have that refraction? Cause most of them are GALAXIES, my dude. wild, right?

drawing a few refracting stars is super easy!

Slap on a lil cross, at an angle. on a layer above it, do a lil curved diamond that lines up with your cross, like above.

Fill it in! Don't worry bout making it clean. Unless you want to.

Gaussian blur that babeyyyy

Reposition as desired.

Copy and paste!

Congrats dude! You just did space art!

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trans rights are human rights

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there is something terrifyingly freeing about being able to have whatever url i want on here

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Update: I think I've changed my url like 4 times today??, its weird I havent had a fresh start in ages, do i want it to be fandom? aesthetic? am i actually going to keep up with side blogs???

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au where everything is the same except taako is wearing a blanket cape the entire time

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I'm here to be gay and talk about frogs and I don't have anything to say about frogs right now

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frogs are so Good and i am impatiently awaiting more frog people to come here

c'mon guys

the website has water in the name!

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Fortunately i am the biggest frog lesbian :^)

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[[IMAGE:[[26294Did somebody say frogs?

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I'm ready and eager to join the frog lesbian community

Bit of an Intro Post

Hi there! My name's Sage, I'm 20, and I use they/them or he/him pronouns.

I'm looking to follow people with similar interests and find more content on here? (how do I do this I made a tumblr when I was 13 I follow like thousands of blogs on there)

Interact with this post if you're into any of the following

Mcelroy content (taz, mbmbam, schmanners, sawbones, wonderful, and by extention polygon content)

Star Trek

Les Miserables

Comics (I am woefully behind on movies and comics but I still like to reblog/see spoilers etc just I havent had the time to get caught up)

Art hoe/garden witch aesthetic

LGBT activism

Socialism/anarcho communism

Video games (mostly overwatch)

Art History/ Art stuff (I'm an art Major, BIG fan of pop art, impressionism and post impressionism, mixed media stuff, and Social practice/performance art)

overwatch angel au babes